Why is the initial consultation important

Consultation Thank you to everyone who came along to our consultation events across the city and gave us their thoughts on the proposed plans for Mayfield in person and online. It is now the key document to be used when deciding on future planning applications which will be brought forward.

Why is the initial consultation important

You may find the answers to these questions useful when deciding to meet with an adviser. Why shouldn't I keep managing my own money, I've done all right so far?

At this stage it's wise to turn to a professional adviser who can help you build and protect wealth over the long-term. Why do I need to meet with an adviser instead of talking on the phone? That's best done in an initial consultation at our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide.

We'll pick up the tab for the first meeting! How do I know if I should seek professional financial advice? Much like a personal trainer or career coach, your FMD adviser will help you set financial goals and hold you accountable.

So you need to be ready to improve your financial position. How do I choose a financial adviser and why should I? How does advice work and what does it cost?

Our clients know quality advice is an investment in the future and they partner with us for the long-haul because their investment pays off. We're committed to being open and transparent about our fees and what you can expect from our advice process so more people can experience the confidence and that comes from getting good advice.

Trusted financial advice and retirement experts Financial freedom could be closer than you think, but it's important to get professional advice to understand your current financial position and plan your next step.

You may not know where to find a good adviser, what to expect from the process, or how to get started. But don't take our word for it, see what our clients say: David and his associate adviser, Sandra, were able to give us strong investment advice and implement it quickly and efficiently.

Since then, the communication has been excellent and we always know where things stand. My wife and I now enjoy the security of knowing our money has been invested wisely and ethically. We appreciate the regular portfolio reviews undertaken by the FMD Investment Committee and are confident our money is being well managed.

We had to move quickly to secure a place, so Anna modeled three financial options for us. Her knowledge of the process and paperwork was a huge relief when we had very little time and felt pressured to make a decision. David helped me move from a defined benefit scheme into a super accumulation fund and plot a path to early retirement.

It was refreshing to meet a professional and knowledgeable adviser who was more interested in my needs than their own. I've met other FMD clients at their regular events and no-one has a bad word to say about them.

Why is the initial consultation important

I'd certainly recommend David and the team to anyone facing redundancy and looking for expert financial advice. I was uncertain about the future and knew I had to be careful with my money. He showed me how to use my payout, super and other assets to create an income that would give me the lifestyle I wanted in retirement.

Now I'm busy doing the things I love - volunteering, travelling and spending time with family and friends. I'd recommend FMD to anyone looking for advice on redundancy or retirement.

Michael, my adviser, opened my eyes to the potential of my retirement wealth giving me excellent direction as to what I need to consider in the future. Now I have a legal will, adequate insurance protection, a shares portfolio along with a far more lucrative superannuation fund building my future.

He explained the legislation, prepared financial spreadsheets with projected multi-year income and costs, arranged tours of aged care facilities; liaised with Centrelink. Jason continues to be responsive to our ad hoc questions.

We have no hesitation in recommending FMD's services when families face these challenging and emotional decisions. Having access to their knowledge of the system and financial modelling enables the family to focus on the wellbeing of the parent.

The strong relationship built to support my wealth management has given me peace of mind, removed work stress from the equation and contributed greatly to my happiness.

I love my life and truly enjoy every day - I don't know how I ever had time for work! Lauren Abela is my trusted financial adviser and has been able to help me develop a portfolio of investments that supports the needs of my growing family and my future wealth.

David Batchelor has been my Funds Adviser since and has delivered great service and communication while operating with integrity. He is backed up by a company structure that includes an active internal Investment Committee IC that constantly reviews their overall investment structure including detailed research of individual investment targets.“Why the initial consultation so important”?

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Why is the initial consultation important

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Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? Introduction When a client first goes to a hypnotherapy appointment, the main reason why they are there is to receive help with a .

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