Unit 3 text questions

History[ edit ] Long before the invention of electronic signal processingsome people tried to build machines to emulate human speech.

Unit 3 text questions

An informative summary of collapsing normal and nowrap is presented below: A sequence of segment breaks and other white space between two Chinese, Japanese, or Yi characters collapses into nothing.

A zero width space before or after a white space sequence containing a segment break causes the entire sequence of white space to collapse into a zero width space. Otherwise, consecutive white space collapses into a single space.

Unit 3 text questions

See Line Breaking for details on wrapping behavior. White Space Processing Details The source text of a document often contains formatting that is not relevant to the final rendering: CSS white space processing allows the author to control interpretation of such formatting: White space processing in CSS interprets white space characters only for rendering: White space processing in CSS is controlled with the white-space property.

CSS does not define document segmentation rules.

Unit 3 text questions

Note that a document parser might not only normalize any segment breaksbut also collapse other space characters or otherwise process white space according to markup rules. Because Unit 3 text questions processing occurs after the parsing stage, it is not possible to restore these characters for styling.

Therefore, some of the behavior specified below can be affected by these limitations and may be user agent dependent. Note that anonymous blocks consisting entirely of collapsible white space are removed from the rendering tree.

Thus any such white space surrounding a block-level element is collapsed away. See [CSS21] section 9. The UA may use a glyph provided by a font specifically for the control character, substitute the glyphs provided for the corresponding symbol in the Control Pictures block, generate a visual representation of its codepoint value, or use some other method to provide an appropriate visible glyph.

Note that the set of characters considered document white space part of the document content and that considered syntactic white space part of the CSS syntax are not necessarily identical.

If white-space is set to normalnowrapor pre-linewhite space characters are considered collapsible and are processed by performing the following steps: All spaces and tabs immediately preceding or following a segment break are removed. Segment breaks are transformed for rendering according to the segment break transformation rules.

Any space immediately following another collapsible space—even one outside the boundary of the inline containing that space, provided both spaces are within the same inline formatting context—is collapsed to have zero advance width.

It is invisible, but retains its soft wrap opportunityif any. If white-space is set to prepre-wrapor break-spaces any sequence of spaces is treated as a sequence of non-breaking spaces. However, a soft wrap opportunity exists at the end of the sequence.

Then, the entire block is rendered.

CSS Text Module Level 3

Inlines are laid out, taking bidi reordering into account, and wrapping as specified by the white-space property. The following example illustrates the interaction of white-space collapsing and bidirectionality. Consider the following markup fragment, taking special note of spaces with varied backgrounds and borders for emphasis and identification: If the white-space property is set to normalthe white-space processing model will result in the following:Msg A necessary file can not be loaded and TestNav can not continue.

If you are on the web, please refresh the page. If you are in the app, please exit this application. Unit Three Text Questions Essay Sample. 1. What are the four types of evidence in a criminal investigation?

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Welcome to Session 3. We're going to look at using must and have to in the past and future. We’ll also bring you a top tip for informal speaking. It is the philosophy of the Hinckley-Big Rock Community Unit School District # that student academic achievement, student achievement and personal enrichment in activities, and student growth as persons of character are at the core of the work of the District.

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