Three micro environmental factors that affect foods industry

This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons by Attribution CC-BY license http: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This paper reviews the nature and extent of food industry influences which expose children to commercial influences and thus might affect unhealthy dietary behaviour and finally contributes to obesity.

Three micro environmental factors that affect foods industry

As a grocery store, the company offers organic produce and related natural products. As a health food store, Whole Foods Market offers minimally processed foods that do not contain artificial ingredients, such as artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Inthe company became a subsidiary of Amazon. Whole Foods Market is known for its strict standards on food quality. High standards are also applied for the personal care products available from WFM stores. Throughout its history, Whole Foods Market has developed to maintain one of the strongest brands in the industry.

For long-term success, Whole Foods Market must address the external factors in its remote environment, industry environment, and operating environment. These factors are beyond the direct control of the company, but have significant consequences on its business operations.

Whole Foods Market must address the political factors of environmental and consumer safety policies in the remote business environment. Environmental policies favor Whole Foods Market because the company already has environmentally sound standards.

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These standards also agree with consumer safety policies. However, a possible consequence of changing consumer safety policies is increased pressure for the company to ensure the safety of products coming from its suppliers. The economic factors in the remote environment of Whole Foods Market include changes in household incomes and changes in transportation costs.

In general, household incomes are improving. However, the company faces challenges because of higher spending to transport its goods. A consequence of the higher household income is the higher demand for products from firms like Whole Foods Market.

A consequence of higher transportation costs is the higher operating costs of the firm. Whole Foods Market must address the external social factors in its remote environment. Notable factors are the healthy lifestyle trend and the rural-to-urban population shift.

A consequence of the healthy lifestyle trend is the increased demand for organic and natural products available from companies like Whole Foods Market. Similarly, a consequence of the rural-to-urban population shift is the increased demand for organic and natural products from the company.

Three micro environmental factors that affect foods industry

People in urban areas are less likely to plant and harvest their own organic and natural produce, compared to people in rural areas. In its remote environment, Whole Foods Market is under the influence of technological factors, including technological advancement in food production, and automation of inventory management.

A consequence of the technological changes in food production is the higher efficiency and yield of organic and natural farming.

Whole Foods Market Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (Industry Environment)

In relation, a consequence of the automation of inventory management is an increase in the operational efficiency of Whole Foods Market. The main ecological factor that impacts Whole Foods Market in its remote environment is climate change. Climate change has potential to reduce the yield of organic and natural farming.

A possible consequence of this condition is the reduced supply available for Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market must address legal factors in its remote environment.

Three micro environmental factors that affect foods industry

For example, the US Department of Agriculture enforces regulations, monitoring, and evaluations of food production and sale. These regulations affect the company because it is a seller of produce and related food products.

Labor laws also influence the firm, although these laws change infrequently. The main consequence of these legal factors on the company is the higher cost of operations, as Whole Foods Market must spend funds for compliance.

Supplier power has a strong effect on Whole Foods Market.The following economic factors may affect food product development: • Changes in interest rates: Companies frequently need to borrow money to enable them to buy new equipment and technology or to upgrade existing operations in other ways.

The business environment is a marketing term and refers to factors and forces that affect a firm's ability to build and maintain successful customer three levels of the environment are: Micro (internal) environment – small forces within the company that affect its ability to serve its customers.

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Macro Environmental Factors; Culture of India; Advantages & Limitations; Business Idea; Social factors cannot be ignored in the fast food industry because they greatly affect the success of any business.

Today consumers are more aware of healthy lifestyles, so they pressure the fast food companies to serve healthier foods on their .

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