The three things that impacts the lives of a person

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The three things that impacts the lives of a person

Student Answers mkcapen1 Student The first thing that society shapes in regard to family life is the definition of what constitutes a family.

The three things that impacts the lives of a person

For example; twenty years ago a homosexual man and his partner would not have been considered a family in America.

Dominant religious beliefs in a society also shape how a family lives and how family members respond to one another. Life among devout Christians and life among devout Muslims is very different.

The holidays that are celebrated and the manner in which the family worships each have their own patterns. The days of worship are different as well as the belief's of the afterlife and consequences for engaging in certain patterns of behavior.

The hierarchy of a family is also affected by society.

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Many years ago women were only allowed to work in the home. They could not make financial decisions and all property rights were handed down to men. In some societies this has not changed, but in American and Western society Women experience the same rights as men.

Family values are shaped by society as a whole. If a person lives in a society where spending time with family members outweighs the need for a median income, the family will forgo even some of the necessities to ensure that both parents spend more time with the children.

In America mothers used to be expected to be home raising their children, but now in many households men stay home and women work.


Children may attend day care while both parents work. Even weight patterns and body image is shaped by societal expectations. As a result families find themselves facing rigorous exercise routines, eating too much, and even dysfunctional eating patterns as well as healthy patterns.

Media representation often reflects the social patterns of the family unit. In media today we are faced with a violent and dangerous society. The influence of the increase in murders and even dangers to children in schools has resulted in most family unites providing cell phones for their children.

The mobility of a society is also a significant social factor that influences family. Years ago transportation was limited and took a long time.

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Families tended to live closer together and assist one another. As transportation became cheaper and readily available, business expanded in different directions.

As a direct result extended family units are often spread throughout the world. Transportation has also made it easier for family to visit one another.

There are so many areas in which family is affected by society. Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial.“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” ― Henry James Kindness has many benefits including increased.

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The three things that impacts the lives of a person

most insignificant things can alter it in unexpected ways. still naively hoping to make a difference in his students' lives. You can send your helpful and less-than-helpful comments to his.

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Edition. found that nearly four in 10 adults say knowing someone's credit score will affect their willingness to date that person. The government impacts lives daily by determining how each individual state, county and city operates.

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At each level of government, laws are created to ensure citizens follow rules and contribute to the community. The government has a direct influence on several aspects of life that include land use. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to change our world.

And while we are starting to see its incredible impact, we are still very much at the beginning of the transformational journey. Here’s a look into the current state of affairs in the race to standardize IoT, along with what people.

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