Setting up dressmaking business plan

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Setting up dressmaking business plan

The Basics Part 1 — Setting up your own fashion business: What do I need to know first?

setting up dressmaking business plan

Share By Imran Amed February 21, Many young designers rush into setting up a business, attracted by the perceived glamour and fun that is associated with the fashion industry.

There are wonderful fairy tale stories of young talented designers graduating from St Martins or Parsons and then going off to achieve fame and fortune. The stories we hear less of are those that describe all of the failed companies and dashed hopes that are the cruel reality of this industry.

I am glad that Marc shared his stories with some of the upcoming stars of American fashion who were in the audience, including Doo. The truth is, the right answer depends on you and your aims.

In our first article on the Business of Fashion Basics, we will pose the questions that you need to ask yourself — so you can make the right decision. Running a fashion business means that packing boxes at 2 am, steaming clothes over and over again, and pouring through receipts with an accountant will become part of your routine.

On top of all that, you have to worry about making enough money to declare some kind of dividend from the business for all your hard work. Starting any kind business requires tenacity, endurance and dedication.

What other kinds of start-up businesses so quickly find themselves with customers and suppliers scattered around the world, requiring so much coordination and organization?

Course Search Result - TAFE NSW Contact Author A Sewing Business Plan Is Very Important Once you have made up your mind that you are going to start a home based sewing business, you may be at a lost as to where to start first.
The crafty mum who built sewing start-up Bustle and Sew | This is Money Depending on your skills, there are many different types of sewing projects available including dressmaking, costume design, special occasion clothing, embroidery and clothing repair.
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Managing to get all of your raw materials fabrics, trims, haberdashery, etc all to your manufacturer at the same time to start your production and then sending it all out to stores in different corners of the world each with their own customs procedures in only 2 months can be a nightmare, even for those with great forward planning and troubleshooting skills.

All of this is to say that one of the key drivers of success will be your entrepreneurial skills and your commitment to running a business.

In order to be successful, you should think of yourself as a CEO first, fashion designer second.

setting up dressmaking business plan

A CEO is a manager of people, finances and processes. Therefore, you will have a great deal of responsibility and important business decisions will face you each and every day.

The buck stops at you and the business should always be at the forefront of your mind, not just an afterthought.

For some people this is an extremely exciting and energizing situation to be in. For others, it is their worst nightmare. What kind of person are you?

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Next, you should ask: This is where you need to find other people who believe in you to join your team or provide support in some other way. Doing a self-assessment of your skills and abilities will tell you what gaps you will need to fill in order to make your business work.

You may assume that having completed a design degree, there are no skill gaps there. Running fashion business means developing and following an organized creative process that works for you — and that other people can work to as well. One of the great things about designers who have previously worked in a large fashion house is that they have seen how other people organize themselves and can take lessons from there as they start.

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• Basics 1 - Setting up your own fashion business - what do I need to know first? • Basics 2 - What is a business plan for and how do I go about writing it? • Basics 3 - How do I find the right investors and partners?

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But with the rise of cotton and silk prices in the United States, many ladies are finding it increasingly difficult to make a fair profit. If you purchase your fabric from your friendly local fabric store, you can forget about starting up a new business with all the capital you’d have to put into it.

This book will be a priceless resource for those considering adventuring into the fashion industry, yet not knowing how or where to start.

Comprised of detailed information, How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business will be a guide for the aspiring designer to plan and execute a successful home based business.

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