Microsoft lync 2013 case studies

It also provides links for viewing and launching AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the deployment. The guide is for IT infrastructure architects and administrators who are planning to implement or extend their Lync Server workloads on AWS. The following links are for your convenience. Before you launch the Quick Start, please review the architecture, configuration, network security, and other considerations discussed in this guide.

Microsoft lync 2013 case studies

Product Marketing Manager Introduction I started in the computer industry on a helpdesk team managing projects. Instead, he asked me 3 simple questions: What is the business value? It was a painful but great learning exercise in how to justify projects — one that sticks with me to this day.

So when we assembled a v-team for Lync business value evidence, my hand shot up. The team approached the work from multiple directions: We commissioned a Forrester Consulting Lync Total Economic Impact TEI studystarted building TCO comparisons between Lync and the competition, and gave Lync customers a platform to share their experiences through written case studies and in-person customer sessions.

For a typical TEI study, the work starts with actual customer interviews.

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Next, Forrester develops a composite company based upon those interviews. The costs and benefits come from those same customers along with Forrester industry data.

Microsoft lync 2013 case studies

Finally, the financial results are produced from the data. Besides producing the study, there were compelling stories that came from this work that we wanted to share.

The goal is to help you start the journey toward understanding Lync business value in your organization. Let us know if this helps. For our study, the composite company chose to remove its PBX infrastructure entirely. Lync gives you the option to completely eliminate separate PBX infrastructure for better cost savings.

Lync provides conferencing as part of Lync — no per minute charges, no sudden true-up in years 2 and 3 for existing users.

Our composite company for the study chose to completely eliminate other web conferencing solutions. Our customers experienced even greater savings then reflected in the study. Conference call usage and international roaming charges are also significant costs. Lync naturally adds new modes of collaboration.

Presence can insure better opportunities to get the right person at the right moment — and that improves efficiency. Conferencing pulls the team together at the right time eliminating the usual back and forth.

Our customers report that there is a fair amount of contractors and maintenance contracts in different countries to manage their legacy PBX infrastructure. Other customers reported not having a homogeneous infrastructure which introduced additional costs. By standardizing on Lync, they saw several benefits.

We modeled this with our composite company to calculate these savings. But in the real world, Lync customers continue reporting these savings.

Adventist Health System has saved millions of dollars in travel costs by using video conferencing to supplement in-person meetings. The company has reduced management and maintenance work as well.

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The Key Takeaways All of these details really help paint a picture of real world results for our customers. After crunching the data, the TEI study showed a payback period of 14 months.

Customers report even faster results. Real world customers report compelling numbers as well. Steve Hanson from Cargill states: Where to go next I am excited by these findings and the success of our customers — it demonstrates something we have known intuitively here at Microsoft.

Lync delivers solid value for many organizations. We encourage you to begin thinking about benefits and costs for your company. One great way is to apply our framework to your situation.Our comprehensive APM classroom course schedule is supplemented by in house APM training and distance learning delivery options.

APM in house training is a convenient and cost-effective study method for organisations looking to train a group of delegates. Enroll for the professional and certification courses delivered through project training.

Online courses and e-learning helps the candidates to learn technical training on their own. Our Case Studies reflect some of these approaches. View Case Studies. Industries Internet, intranet, and mobile communications, Microsoft Lync (formerly known as Office Communications Server) enables you to leverage your current technology and can help your agency benefit from cost savings and improved productivity, collaboration, .

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Case studies; Microsoft Lync ; Other Means of Keeping Connected ; What is Microsoft Lync? To this extent, Microsoft Lync (for which all staff members have the license to download on their personal devices) is the perfect solution.

Lync provides a host of benefits which can promote staff to work more flexibly by providing a. Lync Customer Solution Case Study © Microsoft Corporation.

“Through the gallery view in Lync , employees can really see the reaction of others to Microsoft Lync Server ushers in a new connected user experience that transforms every communication into an.

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