Maruti suzuki operation strategy

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Maruti suzuki operation strategy

History[ edit ] Logo of Maruti Udyog Maruti was established in February with production starting in with the Marutibased on the Suzuki Alto kei car. In Junea company Maruti suzuki operation strategy Maruti limited was incorporated under the Companies Act.

Maruti Limited went into liquidation in Maruti Udyog Ltd was incorporated through the efforts of V. At first, Maruti Suzuki was mainly an importer of cars. This upset the local manufacturers considerably. There were also some concerns that the Indian market was too small to absorb the comparatively large production planned by Maruti Suzuki, with the government even considering adjusting the petrol tax and lowering the excise duty in order to boost sales.

Bythe capacity of the Gurgaon plant was increased tounits per annum. By65 per cent of the components, for all vehicles produced, were indigenized. After liberalization of the Indian economy inSuzuki increased its stake in Maruti to 50 per cent, making the company a JV with the Government of India the other stake holder.

Maruti suzuki operation strategy

Maruti produced its 1 millionth vehicle since the commencement of production in Maruti launched a hour emergency on-road vehicle service. Inthe new Maruti was released, the first change in design since Inthe 1. InMaruti became the first car company in India to launch a Call Center for internal and customer services.

The new Alto model was released. InMaruti True Valueselling and buying used cars was launched. In October of the same year the Maruti Versa was launched. InEsteem Diesel was introduced. Two new subsidiaries were also started: Suzuki Motor Corporation increased its stake in Maruti to The four millionth Maruti vehicle was built and they entered into a partnership with the State Bank of India.

The five-seater Versa 5-seater, a new variant, was created while the Esteem was re-launched. Maruti Udyog closed the financial year with an annual sale ofunits, the highest ever since the company began operations and the fiftieth lakh 5 millionth car rolled out in April This highly profitable joint venture that had a near monopolistic trade in the Indian automobile market and the nature of the partnership built up till then was the underlying reason for most issues.

The Gurgaon manufacturing facility has three fully integrated manufacturing plants and is spread over acres 1. The Manesar manufacturing plant was inaugurated in February and is spread over acres 2. The production capacity was further increased byvehicles taking total production capacity tovehicles annually.

On 25 JuneHaryana State Industries and Infrastructure Development Corporation demanded Maruti Suzuki to pay an additional Rs crore for enhanced land acquisition for its Haryana plant expansion. The agency reminded Maruti that failure to pay the amount would lead to further proceedings and vacating the enhanced land acquisition.

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The plant current capacity is aboutunits per year. But with new investments Maruti Suzuki has plan to take it tounits per year. It has the facilities available for manufacturing diesel engines and transmissions. Industrial relations[ edit ] Since its founding inMaruti Udyog Limited has experienced problems with its labour force.

The Indian labour it hired readily accepted Japanese work culture and the modern manufacturing process. Inthere was a change in ownership, and Maruti became predominantly government controlled.

Shortly thereafter, conflict between the United Front Government and Suzuki started. Ina major industrial relations issue began and employees of Maruti went on an indefinite strike, demanding among other things, major revisions to their wages, incentives and pensions.

Maruti suzuki operation strategy

In parallel, after elections and a new central government led by NDA allianceIndia pursued a disinvestment policy. Along with many other government owned companies, the new administration proposed to sell part of its stake in Maruti Suzuki in a public offering.

The management refused union demands citing increased competition and lower margins. The central government privatized Maruti in and Suzuki became the majority owner of Maruti Udyog Limited.A strategy of operational excellence is defined by a relentless focus on providing customers with reliable products or services at competitive prices and delivered with minimal difficulty or inconvenience.

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This case Maruti-Suzuki's Swift Move focus on Maruti Udyog Ltd., a joint venture between the Government of India and the Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan was India's largest automobile company in It operated in the passenger vehicle market and manufactured affordable and fuel efficient cars for the Indian masses.

Maruti was its flagship small sized car and was the best selling car. operational level strategy of maruti suzuki enclose production techniques and philosophy.

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