Importance of culture for disney expansion

This is the first post in a series diving into different aspects of Disney food, attractions, and history, and how those things impacted the culture of Disney fandom.

Importance of culture for disney expansion

Chinese consumers, or more specifically their newfound disposable spending power, are a serious target for the film and entertainment industry now scrambling to meet their desires.

Cinemas are being hurriedly constructed and theme parks are booming as both local and foreign enterprises battle for a share of the market. When it comes to theme parks, Disney is really the dominant force. The corporation already has a large presence in Asia, with popular attractions in both Japan and Hong Kong.

So, it seems logical that the theme park behemoth should want to expand further to cover more area in a region hungry to be entertained. This could see Disney using the theme parks to push its film titles such as Iron Man and Spiderman, both selling well in Chinese cinemas, in order to increase merchandising revenue.

Pricey entrance fees cover most of the costs of hosting visitors but the majority of the profits come from notoriously expensive food inside the park, as well as merchandising from strategically-placed gift shops at ride exits.

Discordant voices Although some voices grumble about American cultural imperialism and the social divisiveness of having such high ticket prices, the view from China is generally optimistic.

One expert blogger writing from China decided to break into the building site for the new Shanghai Disneyland and have a preview. His observations as to what the new park would be like were rather cynical. They will have to because they will have no choice… No spitting or smoking or pissing in public will be allowed—but it will happen anyway.

The moat will fill with trash and pollution. But the local presence of a major brand flagship such as this one is likely to be significant strategic move for the Disney corporation, and one that will complement its other ventures.

How Shanghai Disneyland Fits Disney’s Global Strategy

Disney has already had to adapt its culture to accommodate local attitudes. In Disneyland Paris, the locals reacted with horror when alcohol was initially banned from the park and Disney eventually reversed the policy. And of course the refreshments have been localized, with popcorn now available flavored with soy sauce and mochi dumpling snacks carrying Toy Story themes.

It remains to be seen if the Shanghai Disney Resort will cover operating costs. For the Disney corporation, this major regional flagship may be more significant as a branding experience than as a money spinner in its own right.Nov 19,  · The first Disney theme park opened 60 years ago in California and was the brainchild of Walt Disney himself, who was motivated by the lack of entertainment options available to .

The Most Powerful Mouse in the World: The Globalization of the Disney Brand Michaela J. Robbins The Most Powerful Mouse in the World: The Globalization of the Disney Brand.

Michaela J. Robbins The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Research on the expansion of Disney Theme Parks, movies, and merchandise in foreign markets . From Tokyo Disneyland, to Disneyland Paris, then Hong Kong Disneyland−a span of 20 years− Disney finally learned the value of cultural adaptation.

Shanghai Disneyland is next, and it should be a shining example of cultural sensitivity. American Theme Parks and the Landscapes of Mass Culture by Steve Mills Disney World in Florida has become the yardstick by which theme parks throughout the world are judged, but its influence spreads far beyond the design of tourist attractions, and even impacts on .

Importance of culture for disney expansion

expansion of that infrastructure is to increase Miami Beach, Walt Disney World, Clearwater, the World Golf Hall of Fame, the Florida Keys, Universal Studios, Sea World. The list goes on for days.

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arts, cultural, sporting, and outdoor activities all have world-class facilities here in Florida. Disney: A Culture 1. Disney: A Culture By: Ellie Curtis 2.

★ The Walt Disney Company: Reinforcing Culture and Values to Employees was an enlightening and wonderful article to have had the privilege to read and review.

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