Global superiority effect essay

Hire Writer In recent years there have been moves to reduce the number and level of trade restrictions that limited the trade between countries. The free trade movement and the aid of information technology are reducing the differences that once existed between national markets, reducing the importance of national borders and making it easier for firms to trade with and locate in many countries. This is forcing firms, which were once protected by national governments to become internationally competitive Stimpson, Globalization integrates people, companies and governments and effects the environment, culture and political systems as well as economic development and human physical well-being in societies all around the world.

Global superiority effect essay

Global superiority effect essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Participants had to identify global and local shapes and letters as quick as possible and the response times which were recorded to the computer data.

This was the same as Yovelcited in Ness, Smith and Thirkettle, mixed attention task study which tested the global to local accounts. Results showed that overall it took longer for participants to identify local stimuli compared to global stimuli. Introduction A visual scene or any object in our environment contains both global features whole and local features detailed.

The question is do our eyes fixate on the global stimulus which is an overall image or do we perceive feature by feature in more detail? Navon cited in Ness et al. His experiments aimed to show that perceptual systems process every scene starting with the global feature, leading to the local features.

He used large letters for his visual stimuli the global level which were made out of smaller letters the local level. Participants had to identify either the larger characters or the smaller ones.

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The focus had to be globally or locally to stimuli that were consistent, neutral or conflicting on the global and local levels. The results revealed that the reaction time for global identification was much faster than local. However, he also suggested that if the component size for the local letter was larger, then there would be no difference between the reaction times to local and global target letters in the large component conditions.

However, the difference was that participants were asked to search for a target letter not knowing whether it would be a small local letter or large global letter. They had to search for targets on both levels; therefore, their attention was divided between both levels. Only half the trials contained a target letter at either global or local level.

The other non-target trials contained non-target letters at either local or global level. Yovel cited in Ness et al. He predicted no difference to reaction times on both global and local target letters in the large components condition, as the local letters were large, therefore equally as salient cited in Ness et al.

When participants viewed the large components stimuli local letters largerthe reaction times were faster. The current experiment is being run to investigate whether the global superiority effect is affected by the type of symbol, using a divided attention task.

In previous studies Navoncited in Ness et al.

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In the current experiment the stimuli were global shapes and letters made up of local shapes and letters. They were tested to see the impact on processing and response times. Three hypotheses were being tested. The first hypotheses was whether global is faster than local. The second hypothesis was if letters are faster than shapes.

There were two Independent variables IV each with two levels. There were four conditions in the experiment. The stimuli were larger global shapes and letters which were made up of smaller local shapes and letters.

The participants had to search for a target letter which was an N aswell as a triangle shape.

Global Superiority Effect

The capital letters presented to the participants included H,A,E,F and N, and the shapes that were presented were circle, square, diamond and triangle. The global shapes had 24 local components, either a single shape or letter repeated 24 times.

All of the shapes and letters appeared at both global and local levels. The participants had to press the button when the letter N or a triangle appeared on the screen at global or local level.

The 4 stimuli containing a target at both levels were removed, and only 96 stimuli were shown to the participants in random order of 3 blocks of 32 in each. The stimuli were displayed for ms with an inter-stimulus interval of 2 seconds. Participants There were participants of whom all were The Open University students.

There was a mixture of male and female participants. Materials The stimulus presentation was carried out using E-Prime. The stimulus used in the experiment was Navon letters and shapes, they were created in Adobe Illustrator and presented using E-Prime.

Global letters were responded to more quickly than Global shapes or local targets.The current experiment is being run to investigate whether the global superiority effect is affected by the type of symbol, using a divided attention task.

In previous studies Navon (), cited in Ness et al. (), used global letters made up of local letters to test how we process visual information. Abstract The main objective of the research was to try and ascertain whether the global superiority effect is affected by the symbols, images or objects involved.

The research had three hypotheses that were tested based on the results. The experiments used the E-prime software to gather data from participants who are students from The Open [ ].

A global brand needs to pertain a relevant meaning and significance to people across multiple societies, the strategy needs to be diverse and devised in a fashion that blends well with the people, their experience and the society.

Norman () concluded that global superiority is dependent on the nature of symbols being used. Aims. This study in its own scope aims at ascertaining whether the . Investigation whether the global superiority effect is affected by the types of symbol in reaction times Abstract This study examined whether participant’s response times to global target were faster than local targets.

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Global superiority effect essay
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