Francisco jose hernandez fernandez academic writing

He attended many schools and didn't learn to speak English until he was He graduated from Franklin High School in Stockton.

Francisco jose hernandez fernandez academic writing

Abstract Background The performance of the ABL FLEX blood gas analyzer was evaluated and compared with that of the different analyzers currently used in the laboratory. Methods The characteristics evaluated were suitability for health care needs, analytic workability, and reliability of measurements.

Reliability of measurements was evaluated through coefficients of variation and systemic errors. The Pearson coefficient and the Bland-Altman plot were used to evaluate the correlation and concordance between systems.

Conclusions The ABL FLEX analyzer has some very useful characteristics for laboratories, making it possible to obtain basic determinations for the STAT section of clinical laboratory with a single instrument and 1 blood sample. The analytical characteristics evaluated gave enough satisfactory results for most of the parameters and displayed better analytic workability than current analyzers in use; therefore, the analyzer was accepted to report on all analytes tested.

ABLflex radiometerblood gas analyzercorrelation analysis According to the International Standards Organization ISO quality standard, laboratories need to validate all the methods they use.

To do so, the laboratory must verify that the representative characteristics of the analytical procedure meet the specifications for the implementation of the procedure.

francisco jose hernandez fernandez academic writing

Therefore, when evaluating a method or analytic system, not only are the specifications of analytic quality considered but also the management and speed with which results are obtained. The literature includes these measurements for many blood gas analyzers; to our knowledge, we are the first to report these findings for the ABL FLEX.

The procedure consisted in evaluating suitability for health care needs, analytic workability, and reliability of measurements. Suitability for Health Care Needs We evaluated analyzer speed, volume of sample, and reduction in turnaround time in the cases of analytes that required urgent analysis.

The findings were compared with those of other analyzers currently used in the laboratory. We also evaluated analytes not tested by the current methodology. Analytical Workability The features of the ABL FLEX gas analyzer that we examined were ease of training and use by technical personnel, time required for maintenance of the analyzer, degree of difficulty and accessibility in carrying out small repairs, and capacity for continuous operation in a hour laboratory.

All the quality controls we used were from the same lot and were stored according to manufacturer recommendations.

Four arterial blood samples were selected from a voluntary patient; the samples were kept refrigerated during the analysis. Each was analyzed 14 times in succession, at intervals of 40 seconds.

Analysis techniques were compared using the Pearson correlation coefficient r and Bland-Altman plots. During the study period, blood gas samples that arrived at the laboratory were processed without delay because the analyzers evaluated were in the same laboratory area.

All statistical analyses were performed using the SPSS software package, version All tests showed a normal distribution, so we calculated the Pearson correlation coefficient.

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The linear regression was analyzed using plots and fitting them to the equation of a straight line. To evaluate the agreement between the measurement systems and the clinical significance of any difference, the Bland-Altman plot was used, which consists of a plotting of the differences between 2 measurements against the mean for the same sample obtained with the analytical methods being investigated.

francisco jose hernandez fernandez academic writing

Its performance in speed, sample volume, and turnaround time in determining the concentration of hemoglobin were similar to those of the ADVIA i. Regarding analytical workability, the ABL FLEX has a continuous, automatic system of calibrations and controls; step-by-step user guides on the screen; easy replacement of reagents without interruption of urgent work, automation of corrective actions in the face of adverse occurrences; and homogenization of the sample in just 7 seconds by magnetic agitation, which minimizes preanalytical errors.

The results of the study of the reliability of measurements were divided into 3 parts:IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any applicant must contact the researcher(s) indicated below before submitting an application to BEaDOC or Erasmus+ KA programs in order to fix the details of the stay and agree on the research on the persons below for contact details.

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