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CTN - your partner in logistic support Corporate Transport Niuigini specialises in logistics co-ordination, whether it be shipping, aviation or vehicular. The company was initially established at the request of the Mining and Petroleum Companies who needed logistic and expediting support services such as the security buses, courier car services and Company staff transport to a number of projects around Papua New Guinea. Corporate Transport Niugini has grown to be the largest supplier of transport and logistic services to the private sector.

Expediting services letters

If the organization needs its determination letter in a hurry because of circumstances that expediting services letters within its control, the IRS is not likely to feel that the situation justifies expedited handling. The IRS will only approve expedited processing of an application where a request is made in writing and contains a compelling reason for processing the application ahead of others.

To decide whether an organization has a shot at receiving expedited processing, consider whether it faces rare and unusual circumstances that fit one of the following scenarios as set forth by the IRS: We will only approve expedited processing of an application where a request is made in writing and contains a compelling reason for processing the application ahead of others.

Circumstances generally warranting expedited processing include: The purpose of the newly created organization is to provide disaster expediting services letters to victims of emergencies such as flood and hurricane.

There have been undue delays in issuing a letter caused by problems within the IRS. If the organization does not fit within one of the scenarios listed above, a request to expedite the processing of an application will almost certainly be denied. If the organization does fall into one of the circumstances that merit expedited consideration, the IRS requires certain information to be included with the request to expedite.

Any request for expedited processing of an exemption application should be specific and detail-oriented. A pending grant is the most common reason given by organizations seeking to expedite their application process.

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Even though a grant may be pending, an organization must show that the grant is large and will affect their ability to continue their charitable work in order for the IRS to consider the reason a compelling one.

If an organization believes that its situation is exceptional, a request for expedited processing may be worthwhile. The request for expedited processing should specifically include: The name of the person or organization committed to giving the grant or asset.

The amount of the grant or the value of the asset. The date the grant will be forfeited or permanently redirected to another organization.

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Letters from members of Congress in support of granting the application can also be persuasive. The purpose of the newly created organization seeking expedited processing must be to provide disaster relief to victims of national emergencies such as flood and hurricane, where time is of the essence.

The IRS specifically points out that organizations not directly focused on a recent national disaster do not have a compelling reason to request that exemption applications be expedited. Organizations seeking to expedite their application processing for this reason need to outline their purpose in clear and persuasive detail.

If the IRS has not made a determination within days of filing a substantially completed Form with the appropriate office, the taxpayer has the right to file a Declaratory Judgment Action with the Tax Court.

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Tips for Requesting Expedited Processing applications that need additional development may be handled in different parts of the country depending on the IRS workload. Accordingly, an expedite request is more likely to be honored if it is attached to the application when the application is originally submitted.

Attach the request to the front of the application. The entire application along with the written request and supporting documentation should be faxed to the IRS at the fax number on the application or mailed to the appropriate IRS office. Expedited treatment is most often granted where there is an emergency in the form of a crucial pending grant with a deadline or an organization forming to help victims of a recent national disaster.

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Company Letter of Expedite For customers who cannot obtain a travel itinerary, the U.S.

expediting services letters

Passport Agency will accept a company letter to be used in the place of airline tickets or a travel itinerary. Please type this information onto your company letterhead and make sure your departure date in the letter is within 14 days.

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