Engineering science eg1002

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The Engineering Department offers degree programmes in six different disciplines: Each programme has six different variants, either MEng or BEng, with or without a year in industry, and with or without a year in the USA.

The UCAS codes Engineering science eg1002 the resulting 36 degree programmes are shown in the table below. Awarding body or institution: University of Leicester 3. All the degree programmes aim to satisfy the criteria of the accrediting engineering institutions.

These are based on the Engineering Council s UKSpec which defines a common specification for all engineering degrees.

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The individual degrees therefore share common aims and outcomes and differ only at the level of module content. The specific information for the individual degree programmes is therefore given in the outline programme structures in Appendix 1 and the detailed specifications for each module given in Appendix 3.

The BEng programmes aim to: Reference points used to inform the programme specification: Outcomes Methods a Discipline specific knowledge and competencies Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of general engineering. Examinations, laboratory reports, seminar presentations, contributions to discussions, problem-based exercises, design tasks, simulation exercises, group projects, independent projects.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the design process and design methodologies used in the discipline. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of management and business practices that influence an engineer s work. Teaching and Learning Methods Lectures, tutorials, surgeries problem solving classes computer practical classes, example sheets.

Lectures, tutorials, surgeries problem solving classes, independent research, project supervision. Lectures, tutorials, independent research, project supervision, work placement.

Engineering science eg1002

Programme Specification Template How Demonstrated? Work as an engineer in an industrial setting with Industry Apply scientific principles to model and analyse engineering systems, processes and products.

Analyse systems, processes or components as part of the design process.

Engineering science eg1002

Work placement Work placement report iii Critical analysis of key issues Lectures, tutorials, surgeries problem solving classes computer practical classes, example Examinations, laboratory reports, sheets. Evaluate commercial risks and technical risks in unfamiliar circumstances.In the first two years, you will gain broad-based knowledge in electronics, computer and communications engineering.

You will also develop skills in business, technopreneurship, entrepreneurship, as well as emerging areas such as micro- and nanotechnology, and clean energy. Julius Caesar Essay In Julius Caesar, a play written by William Shakespeare, a character by the name of Mark Antony makes a funeral speech after his “friend” Brutus allows him too which would become Brutus’s undoing.

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Belo Horizonte | Brazil. College of Science and Engineering Computer programming is introduced as a tool to solve engineering problems.

The MATLAB programming language is taught . Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering Integrated Curriculum Map Year Science EG Engineering Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering Integrated Curriculum Map.

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