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The Spanish invasion is shown as a demographic and cultural catastrophe, while thousands of the Native Indians were slaughtered and enslaved for the financial benefit of the invaders.

All the activities of the Spanish since the arrival of Columbus and even the very presence of the Spanish in America were unjust. All their wealth was extracted by severe exploitation of the Indians.

The Europeans saw a miracle in what they have discovered and the new lands with all their unbelievable flora and fauna were a picture of Eden, and for them it was a new page.

But being driven by their own commercial and other material interests, they were blind to see they interfered with the development of the whole civilization. For them the Indians were at a lower stage of development, and thus they decided they had the right to decide their destiny and to take away their good things of life, no matter the price.

A life of an Indian man was an empty word for devastation of the indies essay help Spanish, and the more blood was split, the more predatory the invaders were becoming in their war for welfare.

Peoples were annihilated and killed outright, the lands were devastated and wealth of nations was plundered. The Native Americans themselves were vulnerable and not warlike before the invasion of the Europeans.

devastation of the indies essay help

They did not hide the beauty of their bodies under clothes, they had hardly any weapon except maybe for hunting and were known acquainted with duplicity and wickedness. By nature they were obedient and faithfully served to their masters when the Spanish Christians enslaved them.

They were even not able to quarrel or argue, as Las Casas describes, for these were patient and humble people not knowing embroilments and desire for vengeance.

But instead of compassion and respect for all these dignities, the Indians received mockery and extermination from the Spanish who used these dignities as their weaknesses added to unbearable physical labor put on their shoulders.

The Natives were also described as poor nation, as they did not have the desire for wealth and they did not need much. At the same time they were rather intelligent and open-minded, they easily accepted new information and did not resists to new religion, while they are told to be patient and eager to learn more.

Religious speculations are actually believed to significantly influence the change of views of Las Casas.

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For him, religion was something to proclaim peace and life, but the church did almost nothing to protect the persecuted nations. Instead, Christianity became the issue of new conflicts and factions.

The military conquest was justified as the most effective and efficacious method to convert the Natives. The assumption of innate superiority over the Indians diligently cultivated by the Spanish was the main thesis Las Casas intended to challenge.

What is more, the way the Spanish behaved in new lands and the way they chose to convert the Indians to their religion was discrediting Christianity as it created an illusion that all those violent actions were justified by God or even stimulated by the postulates of the Holy Bible.

As for the reliability of the work under consideration, Las Casas deserves much credit die to several reasons.

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First of all, he lived himself in the circumstances he described. He communicated much with the celebrated leaders of the conquest and even cooperated with some of them; he knew several native languages and thus had access to different sources of information to rely on.

What is more, for his service Las Casas himself became an owner of land and Indians, but being a preacher, already in he began to proclaim the condemnation of the way the Spanish were treating the native people.

Being disenchanted with the very essence of the relations between the Spanish and the Indians, Las Casas gradually was conversing against the conquest and the regime and to begin he released his own slaves.

In other words, this is a truthful account of the first modern genocide given by the eyewitness of all those events. When the book only appeared in Seville init created an immediate sensation and till now it is still regarded as a great book. Moreover, the book was soon translated into almost all central European languages, thus becoming the significant historical heritage of different nations and providing ideological basis for French, English, and Dutch intentions to do away with the Iberian monopoly for the American lands.

The Spanish moral claim to the Americas was seriously undermined. What is more, The Devastation of the Indies also was used as a significant foundation for the so-called Black Legend, which was to show the truth of the Spanish involvement in the American continent.

In fact, the book of Las Casas changed the overall approach to understanding the historical contact, relations and bounds of the European colonists with the non-European nations. Consequently, this subject resulted in passionate controversy around the author.

devastation of the indies essay help

But the main long-term effect was that it significantly contributed to the adoption of the New Laws offor the first time in European colonial history abolishing native slavery.

Meanwhile, Las Casas himself gradually became more and more convinced that the way the Indians were treated by the invaders was out of order, inhumane and outrageous. The proponents of the conquest appealed to the theory of just war.

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The Indians were said to have committed unforgivable sins by their idolatry and sins against nature.Anas Kaleemullah 01/27/ History Chapter 1- Document 3 Analysis: This document is based on the excerpt “Destruction of the Indies” by Bartolome de Las Casas.

The Article, "The Devastation of the Indies," by Bartolome De las Casas, is a brief account of the cruelty that was done to the Indians by the Spaniard so-called Christians who were considered heaven sent when they were actually the devil incarnated.

They treated these Indians like termites that /5(3). The book was also one of the first texts that revealed the devastation of Old World diseases in the New World.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies is a book that marks a significant moment in the way 21st century colonial Latin American historians would address world history.

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His most famous, the Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias (The Devastation of the Indies: A Brief Account, Bartolomé de Las Casas Homework Help Questions.

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