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However, the bigger problem with fuel economy comes down to this: You have to drive carefully to get the best figures. Or, better yet, look at the fuel economy recorded in real-world testing to see what drivers managed during normal drives. Consumer Reports, which publishes the mpg from extensive testing, delivers on this front.

Compass cheat sheet

Over 10, small shop owners use cyclones of my design and at least built their cyclones from these plans and building instructions.

Compass cheat sheet

You can build one of these cyclones if you patiently take your time and follow the instructions. Please read the Cyclone Plan page before starting on building your own cyclone so you understand more about this system. Most thumbnail pictures on this page become full sized pictures when clicked.

This lets the page load faster for those with slow connections. Introduction We have over seventy years of chip collection science and at least thirty years of professional fine dust collection science define the minimums we need for good dust collection.


Since the s fire marshal and building codes required good chip collection in most industrial facilities, so chip collection remains well understood. Chip collection means picking up the sawdust and chips that we would otherwise sweep up with a broom.

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Good chip collection requires enough air speed to pick up the dust and chip, enough air speed to keep that material moving through our ducts, and enough air volume to accommodate the volumes of dust and chips each different size and type of machine produces. Decades of applied science and practical experience helped the major dust collection firms build tables that show exactly how much airspeed and air volume we need to collect the different materials.

For woodworking these tables show we need to maintain a target air speed of at least feet per minute FPM airspeed to suck up the chips and keep vertical duct runs from plugging. To provide a little safety factor most woodworking dust collection engineers design their systems with at least a FPM airspeed.

Also, we need at least FPM airspeed to keep horizontal ducting runs from plugging. Finally, most small shop stationary tools require at least cubic feet per minute CFM airflow to pull in the volumes of dust and chips they produce.

At least thirty more years experience by those firms who guarantee customer air quality also establish well tested fine dust collection minimums.

We need the same FPM airspeed for pickup and to keep our vertical ducts from plugging. Likewise we need that same FPM to keep our horizontal ducts from building up dust piles.

The major difference between good fine dust collection and chip collection is we need to move far more air, roughly CFM to get good fine dust collection at our typical small shop stationary tools.

At first this requirement to move nearly three times as much air makes no sense because we all know that the slightest breeze will blow dust highlighted in a beam of sunlight. I often ask people to wet a finger and see how far away from their lips they can feel blown air versus how far they can detect sucked air.

We can feel the blown air as far as we can reach, but can only feel sucked air when our finger is right next to our lips. Likewise, our shop vacuums only pickup right next to the end of the nozzle.From GPS For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

By Joel McNamara. If you’re really good at getting lost, a GPS device can be your best co-pilot.

Compass cheat sheet

And even if you’re good with directions but just want to know where you are at all times, a GPS unit can offer accurate information on where you are on the planet. Question Answer; Name something you would wan't to run over with your lawnmower.

Making splayed miter joints

Rocks, Animals, Poop, Hose, Toys, Sprinkler: Name a movie that has become a “cult classic”. Making splayed miter joints A friend, Joel, recently asked me about how to calculate the miters for making a sort of tapered cylinder out of wood segments.

Troop Rank Advancement Board of Review Questions List Taken from the MacScouter and BSA com Web Sites Page 2 of 3 Identify local poisonous plants; tell how to treat for exposure to them.

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