An analysis of the strategy and organizational development program of the anz banking group

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An analysis of the strategy and organizational development program of the anz banking group

Something goes wrong, please refresh and try again. This email address is already subscribed to the list. Invalid email address, please try again. That was the first question I was asked by Mike Smith in his first year as chief executive.

I was the new head of Organisational Capability. Banking, particularly commercial banking, is a complex business. ANZ has more than six million customers across 33 countries, ranging from large global multi-national companies to mums and dads and everything in-between.


To these millions of customers we provide literally thousands of different financial products and services. Because of this complexity, most banks, when it comes to developing talent, specialise.

An analysis of the strategy and organizational development program of the anz banking group

We grow specialists in areas like retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management, financial markets and transaction banking. Mark Baker, CEO PNG Banking is an end to end business with no one part of the organisation able to fulfil its role effectively without the support of others.

This is brought into very clear focus as a country CEO.

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This quality allows a leader to interact effectively not only across the organisation but also across the broad range of cultures and markets in which we now operate. The problem with having only specialists is that there are some roles that genuinely require a leader who understands how a bank works end to end - retail, wholesale, product, sales, operations and risk.

Lavanya Nadarajah, Head of Emerging Corporate ANZ Vietnam and Generalist Banker My role is very broad - responsibility for the balance sheet and its performance, direction of the business and its coverage and personal and career development of my staff.

It gives me the opportunity to bring my experience and networks from mature markets across business divisions to an emerging market like Vietnam. We need to be more than strategy setters or sales-leaders. We also need to thoroughly understand our regulatory obligations, our end-to-end operations and our risk management procedures.

Of course we have subject matter experts along the way who get into the detail and assist us but regulators, our customers and investors want to see that their money is safe and that responsibility reaches all the way up to the CEO.

On any given day I can have a meeting with an ambassador, government official, the management team of one of my customers or be leading a town hall for my staff of I make decisions on loans that span multiple years and on how we will be upgrading our IT infrastructure in years to come.

My roles in risk management, credit assessment, management information reporting and as a chief of staff broadened my lens across all elements of banking, not just the sales side. Our 52 current Generalist Bankers and their future contemporaries we hire around every year are part of a structured development program.

For each banker the program will run for 15 years — the time we estimate it will take to be ready to lead one of our larger countries in Asia or the Pacific.

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When I tell people about the program externally their first reaction is generally to question its sustainability. But in my experience so far there is nothing to suggest that the generation of young leaders we are hiring onto the program are any less committed than the generations that came before them.

Yes, they have high expectations. Our challenge is to provide them with meaningful, challenging careers, reward them well and not allow them to become bored.Our team is one of the longest and most established teams in the region, working together through seven funds and more than 70 investments.

Our investment committee has worked in Asia for an average of over 20 years.

The core members have been working together for over 17 years, which is unprecedented in Asian private equity. Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations. ANZ is an exciting place to be right now.

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With a great brand and a clear strategy, we are a vibrant and growing business. ANZ are committed to building a workplace that reflects the communities in which we operate.

Learn how ANZ invests in a diverse and inclusive workforce, providing opportunities to under-represented groups, whilst recognising the opportunities they provide.

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